Please review the following information required by the City of Portland’s Fair Access in Renting Ordinance:

  • Rental Screening Criteria and Application Fee: Rental Screening Criteria can be viewed HERE. Application fees are non-refundable for financially responsible applicants over the age of 18.
  • Notice of Apartment Availability: All available apartments are published on the “Floor Plans” page of this website and are subject to at least a 72-hour waiting period before applications are accepted. During the waiting period, a Special Notice will be attached to all available apartments listing the date and time that applications will begin to be accepted. Applications received before the 72-hour waiting period had expired are subject to an additional 8-hour waiting period. Applications for apartments with no Special Notice will be accepted immediately upon receipt in date/time order.
  • Open Application Period(OAP): The OAP begins at 9:00am after the 72-hour waiting period. Applications received after the start of the OAP will be given first priority, in accordance with all FAIR Ordinance stipulations, including priority given to applicants applying for an ADU who identify as mobility-disabled.
  • ADU: Accessible Dwelling Units are identified with “ADU” as defined by PCC 30.01.086(B)(1).

The number of dwelling units available, the range of number of bedrooms in the available dwelling units, the range of available dwelling unit sizes, and the range of rents for available dwelling units can be viewed by selecting the floor plans below.

Statement of Applicant Rights and Responsibilities

Right to Request a Modification or Accommodation